Generational Cooking: A Story About Life and Becoming a Caregiver

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Generational Cooking is not a cookbook or a story about cooking but a highly personal account from the point of view of a caregiver and how she has lived her life. It is a play on words, so to speak. Though the caregiver does make meals and serve them to the ones she cares for, all along, the caregiver is evolving through her life and theirs. The caregiver recollects childhood memories as an adult and relives them through the eyes of the loved ones with whom she made those same memories. It is the hope of the author that those who read may realize they are not alone.


About Linda Phyllis Ratzthompson

Linda Phyllis Ratzthompson was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. She graduated from Terry Parker High School. She has a BA from the University of Florida. She worked in Jacksonville for a major title underwriter representing northeast Florida. She was a contractor for her own firm for many years in St. Augustine, has built and remodeled in excess of a hundred homes. She was a member of the Planning and Zoning Board in the City of St. Augustine Beach and was then elected as a Commissioner on first run winning the primary with over 50% of the votes.



I have found myself several times at this computer trying to wrap up what I have been wanting to say for a number of years, but the timing was never right. I had a scare and a big monkey wrench thrown into my pot of soup to make me stop, think, and finally write. All that had happened, all the carefree days before and after my mother-in-law’s death, had finally begun to transpose through my fingertips. We called her P2. I took care of her for over ten years. She would change my life more than I would change hers.

None of us knows how long we have. Some of us care too little, some too much and some not at all. Some of us live too busily, too tired, too poor, too proper, and too wrapped up in our own selves. We may lack the ability to look up and around and see what the hell is going on. Our missions or non-missions, our family relationships or lack thereof, our time spent or not spent building our dreams, our empire, and our realities do not matter.


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